Backup app on Android – How to store the data of your application

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Why save your app data

Have you ever found yourself in the situation where you have been forced to change your old device for a new one? (Ok, let’s say that in most cases it is done for pleasure and not because they have to.)

The main problem in this case is to keep the data of the apps that you care for more and unfortunately do not offer a cloud rescue service.

Of course if you are reading this article, you have at least one app on your Android device that does not support remote backup and do not want to lose data in the event of various problems or, more simply, you want to synchronize data between your different devices.


Helium – Backup Android app data without root permissions

There are several applications that allow backup, including highly recommended and stable is Titanium, but the recurring problem is the need for root permissions to work.

An application that gets around this problem is called Helium.

Here you can find the link to the Google Playstore:

Download Helium free

There are two versions of Helium.

A first free version that only allows you to keep your backups on the SDcard.

Another paid version that also lets you sync your backups directly with a cloud service such as Dropbox or Google Drive.

Keeping your backups in Cloud has two big benefits.

  • Do not lose your backup even if something irreparable happens to your tablet / smartphone
  • Easy transportation of these backup from one device to another (just log on to the same cloud account to see the same saves)

So if you want spent some money, you can buy the full version, or else follow my next articles to figure out how to get a similar result without spend a penny.

The article that unites all the various steps to be taken is Export of savegames from Bluestacks – Use cheat engine on PC, play on your device


Configuring Helium

To configure Helium, follow these steps:

  • First download and install the application from the Google store.
  • In order to run Helium, you must enable app backups using the corresponding desktop application you find here Download desktop application, download and install on your desktop.
  • Activate USB debugging mode on your Android device, if you do not know how, you can follow this article: How to enable USB debugging on Android devices.
  • Launch the desktop application Helium desktop app. If you have errors or problems to launch the application, you could have a firewall or antivirus intrusive that is blocking the application, in that case disable it temporarily, only the time to activate Helium on your mobile device.
  • If you do not already have them, download and install Android drivers for Windows, you can find them here: Android Driver for Windows.
  • Launch the app on your mobile device, the app will ask you to enable app backups by connecting your device to your PC.Backup app data Android figure 1
  • Connect the USB cable to the device and the PC, you may need to activate the PTP mode if it is not already activeAndroid app backup app 2
  • Once this is done, the application has been enabled to back up, and the device can also be unplugged from the PC. Note that the operation is valid until the device is restarted. In this case, you need to resume the Helium configuration from PC.

Helium – Backup app on Android

Helium has two major area backup and recovery and synchronization areas.

In order to make a backup, you have to choose the apps that you want to back up and press the “backup” button down.

Backup app data Android figure 3

The following menu will be presented

Backup app data Android figure 4

Since we have chosen to use the free version, we can backup both on internal memory and on the cloud (dropbox or google drive), but we will not be able to automatically recover them from the clouds.

We select the internal memory and backup will be started.

After a while the system will inform us that the backup has been successful.


Helium – Restore and synchronize

Restoring a backup is performed by selecting the second area, where you can find several storage used by Helium, however using the free version, you can not recover save games from the cloud but only from the internal memory,

Backup app data Android figure 5

We select the internal memory and find the list of backups made earlier.

Backup app data Android figure 6

We select the backup of our interest, the Restore button will activate and you will be able to start restoring the backup previously made.


Helium is not infallible

Be careful that backups created by Helium are not risk-free, so it’s always good to make backup tests.

The alternative is to use an application more powerful with root privilege like Titanium, but if your problem lies  is not wanting to root your device, then Helium is currently the only solution.


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