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Welcome back, even today, with the article “Cheat Engine Fairy Elements” I present a cheat for the game Fairy Elements that I had just put on the list of the best offline RPG, if you missed it, you can find the article here: Top Android free RPG offline games

For those who want to enjoy a feeling of invincibility, the cheat that will show you, will help you in two ways, gold rising in hand and level up simplified.

Take a look at this video to see in detail the steps you need to take:

For those who have already seen some of my article in which I use Cheat Engine with emulators for Android (for example this article) for, the technique used is always the same, it just changes what to look for.

In this case, for example, unlike other games, it is useless to modify the stats your heroes, because the first level increase will be brought to normal.

This is because in Fairy Elements the statistics are closely related to the level.

For this reason the choice of cheat falls on gold that can be useful to buy armor, weapons and potions and the level increase that will make us stronger without spend hours killing monsters to gain experience.


Cheat Engine Fairy Elements – We become rich

We start playing with the Bluestacks emulator and identify in Fairy Elements, the value to use for cheat search.

Cheat Engine Fairy Elements Finding Gold

After we launch Cheat Engine and select the HD-Plus-Service.exe process

Cheat Engine Fairy Elements Process Selection

Now, just set the value previously identified in the search field and start it

Cheat Engine Fairy Elements Start Search

We will find many values as the first result, so we need more research steps to limit the number.

We decrease the amount of gold in the game by purchasing an item from the seller

Fairy Elements decreases gold in research

and we use this new value for research

Cheat Engine Fairy Elements Step 2

And we get a single value that we can use to change the gold at our disposal.

Cheat Engine Fairy Elements editing gold value

To do this, simply select the found value and add it to the list following the steps shown:

  1. Select the only item found by the search engine cheat
  2. By clicking on the entry added to the active cheat list, the step three window opens
  3. We change the value to our liking.

Modify the value by entering a good high value and you can buy what you want without any problems.


Cheat Engine Fairy Elements – We become powerful

Increasing the amount of gold available can be very useful and simplifies quite a bit the game.

However, what is better than feeling really strong fighting monsters that are not at your level?

The next trick for Fairy Elements that I’ll tell you will get you to level up very fast.

I’m not going to re-explain how to search for values using Cheat Engine, because as we have just seen it

We will focus instead on what to look for and how.

Cheat Engine Fairy Elements Initial Experience

From the character screen, we identify the value of the experience needed to get to level.

We use this value as shown above by starting the search with Cheat Engine,

Being a low value, we will have to suffer more to reduce the quantity of items found.

We change the value, fighting with monsters and use the values that we will find as for research using cheat engine to reduce the list of found values.

After a few attempts, we will find some values as in the following figure

Cheat Engine Fairy Elements changes experience values

Let’s select them all and bring them to the list of active cheats.

There are 4 values for each character, in fact, during the search the three main characters had the same amount of experience to reach the next level, which is why we all found them together.

At this point the level up is very simple.

We set the value of the found items to 1.

Fighting, with a single clash will increase in level.

Repeat the operation as many times as you want to reach the desired level.

As you may have guessed, in this case we were not able to change the skills points of our characters.

However, being able to intervene on the experience of our characters, we were able to quickly increase the level of the same.


Cheat Engine Fairy Elements – Export saves

Found cheats and changed the values, if you want to play on your Android device, rather than continue to use the emulator, you can follow the guide on how to export the bounties I’ve written a while ago.

The article can be found here: Export of savegames from Bluestacks – Use cheat engine on PC, play on your device

In this way you will be able to take advantage of the changes made to the game on your mobile devices.


Cheat Engine Fairy Elements – Conclusions

The cheat just illustrated is one of those cheats that do not destroy you game because what you get is the same you would get playing with assiduity.

Of course everything is in limited and not overdo it, otherwise the game then it becomes boring.


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