Cheat per The Tribez & Castlez e The Tribez build a village

Hi everyone, today’s article regards a game that i played for long time, The Tribez & Castlez for Android.


The Tribez & Castlez – The game

The game in question is the classic city building in medieval fantasy version.

However, unlike many similar games, one of the key features of The Tribez & Castlez is the comic style of the game.

There are orcs, dragons, princesses, wizards etc, all with their more or less funny story behind them, but if you’re here reading the title of the game you already know and want instead to know the trick you can use to improve your productivity.


The Tribez & Castlez – The Cheat

The trick of The Tribez & Castlez is pretty simple.

Play as you always did until you have nothing to do except wait for the normal time to pass.

At this point, instead of waiting for the game to change, go to the system settings of your tablet or cellphone.

Turn off the automatic date and advance the time for how long you need to finish what you started.

Get back to the game and magically the time the game is actually spent, completing the actions that were in progress.

Resources, missions, attacks, you no longer have to wait hours and hours to keep playing.

In order to be able to resume the operation, it is always the same way, actions are performed until there is anything else to do and the clock advances.


Cheat The Tribez: Build a Village

An update of the article, concerns the possibility of applying the same cheat for The Tribez: Build a village.

Applies the same identical process as illustrated as The Tribez & Castlez.


Cheat per The Tribez & Castlez – Observations

The Cheat for The Tribez & Castlez seems trivial, yet it is very useful.

It’s nice especially when you’re traveling to places where the line does not fit well and you want to play such a game for the duration of your trip, as there are not many city buildings that can work offline.

A note to do. The game is also playable without a network connection, I would say it is preferable to use it in this mode.


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4 thoughts on “Cheat per The Tribez & Castlez e The Tribez build a village


    (Monday October 7th, 2019 - 09:51 AM)

    Era perfetto ma non funziona più come mai?


      (Monday October 7th, 2019 - 11:35 AM)

      Sicuramente si saranno accorti del bug, in quanto di questo si trattava e lo hanno sistemato.


    (Thursday October 10th, 2019 - 12:17 PM)

    Alcuni gruppi si comprende molto bene fanno uso di trucchi o cheat perché compiono missioni alla velocità della luce. Com’è possibile? Questo avviene anche dopo il bug…


      (Thursday October 10th, 2019 - 01:03 PM)

      Probabilmente hanno scoperto qualche altra falla che gli permette di azzerare i tempi.
      Se i controlli lato server non sono fatti bene anche con un applicazione come cheat engine si possono azzerare i tempi.

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