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On November 5, 2016
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Application for editing and improving the quality of photos and images.
Free with the need to register to the Adobe site.
Good product although with many improvement margins

Welcome back to my blog, today’s article covers the possibility of improving on the fly your photos taken by phone or tablet using the program Adobe Photoshop Express.

Very often you take photos and you would like to send them to your friends, but the photo you just taken has always the defect that makes you hesitate, or even desist, from sending it.

Red eyes, blotchy skin, pimples will have a short life on your photos with Adobe Photoshop Express of the suites.


Adobe Photoshop Express – The app for new photographers

To get started download the app for Android from here: Download app from play store

Adobe Photoshop Express is completely free, but in order to use some features you must have an Adobe id.

To get it, simply register at the Adobe website.

Let’s see how the application is used.

To get started, you can decide to take a new photo or choose a previously taken picture from the gallery.

Adobe Photoshop Express gallery

As you can see in the picture, the application automatically retrieves information from any available source, such as Dropbox or the local gallery on your device.

After you choose the photo you want to edit, the application will give you many opportunities.


Adobe Photoshop Express – Choice of colors

In Adobe Photoshop Express, a first set of features is management and color effects.

For example, we can change the color of the photo to apply one of the classic effects like black and white.

Adobe Photoshop Express White and Black

You can see from the photo also my remarkable artistic talent and scenic presence ….


Adobe Photoshop Express – Rotation and reflection

Next we can choose to apply rotation effects to our photo

Adobe Photoshop Express Rotations

Functionality very useful when you have photos taken vertically, while the subject of the photo is horizontal.


Adobe Photoshop Express – Photo enhancement

Adobe Photoshop Express, however, would not be a good photo management program, if you do not have one of the most classic features currently present on this type of app.

Of course I’m talking about improving the quality of the image.

We can improve the quality of the image by increasing or decreasing the sharpness parameters, the lights and shadows and much more.

Adobe Photoshop Express Quality Improvements


Adobe Photoshop Express – Red eye removal

Another interesting feature in Photoshop Express, is red-eye removal, one of the most common problems when photographing with inappropriate lights.

To eliminate red eyes, the app offers two possible choices: people and animals to better apply the feature based on the photo.

When you select the mode, you need to click on the photo point where the red eye is to be placed, this allows you to get combined effects in photos that are both human and animal.


Adobe Photoshop Express – Effects application

He could not miss the list of possible changes on the photo, including the ability to apply effects such as vignetting or adding a border.

Adobe Photoshop Express Effects

Perhaps in this case, Photoshop Express, is a little simplistic.

In fact, the app does not offer a large variety of frames and to date there are other similar applications that offer much more.


Adobe Photoshop Express – Defect removal

And here we are for the most powerful and useful feature of Photoshop Express, that is to remove the defects.

Take a photo, but it is not good due to a reflection or you notice a stain on your shirt or want to delete a blemish on your face because you want to look perfect in this your last picture.

Well with the defects removal feature, you can simply do this by selecting the mode, and clicking on the photo where the defect is found.

We see the work tool always on my photo test.

Adobe Photoshop Express with stain


I select the tool for the elimination of defects that you see highlighted in blue in the screenshot, and see later how it presents my photo after correction:

Adobe Photoshop Express spotless

and how we can well see, imperfection is gone.



As you’ve seen, Adobe Photoshop Express offers tools that we find in professional environments, and you can get real effects from your mobile device in just a few clicks.

Certainly nowadays there are many other applications that offer the same functionality and in the latest mobile devices some of these are even already installed.

Anyway Photoshop, I found it very easy to use and above all very well system defects.

So if you are looking for a photo management and improvement app because you are not satisfied with your current app installed in your device, let us have a little thought.


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