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Game really interesting and very fluid.
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Mage and Minions becomes Eternium.

Aside from the game of words, Mage and Minions lovers, they have just recently received a nice gift from Making Fun Inc. which has released a new update with new features that boosts the longevity of the game a lot.

The patch is named Eternium – Mage and Minions.

Developers wanted to add a prefix to the name to point out that the updates made made the game play more than before and is not limited to a simple armor upgrade or an increase in the maximum level.

In the next few paragraphs, we’ll see in detail what updates I’m talking about.


For those who do not know Mage and Minions

For those who do not know it, Mage and Minions is a classic gdr hack and slash, similar to Diablo for us.

I had already mentioned it in another article, pointing to it as one of the best roleplaying games that I can play offline in this article.

Developers have done a great job not forcing players to stay connected to the net to play, but without “hack it” and to allow who might want to use some tricks to make life easier.

So forget to use for example Cheat Engine or any other cheating program even if the game is offline.

In fact, the protection mechanisms of Mage and Minions are well done and do not allow you to change any parameters.


Eternium – the new class – the bounty hunter

We come to the heart and see what this juicy update of Mage and Minions.

First we find a new class to play, the wizard and the warrior will join the bounty hunter who with his skills will provide the most braided and bored players, another style of play and the chance to venture into a new adventure.

In fact, his skill set is very different than the set of the magician and the warrior and play with the bounty hunter, provides a new way to approach the game and greatly extends the longevity of Mage and Minions.

Eternium - Mage and Minions Bounty Hunter class


The bounty hunter is characterized by the use of a double set of guns, making it a game class “remote”.

Eternium Mage and minions Bounty Hunter game

His skill as a result are all based on increasing the capacity of the shooter chose our character.

Accuracy, multiple shots, powerful shot, smoke screen and much more.


Eternium Mage and Minions – Trial Mode

But the news in Eternium does not end with the inclusion of the new class.

The other major innovation is the Trial mode.

In this mode, the player will face ever more challenging challenges.

At each level level you get over, you can face the next with higher level monsters and greater difficulty than the previous one.

Eternium - Mage and Minions trials


At every challenge, the player will find himself killing the monsters in the map, adding a time limit that makes it even more complicated to overcome the levels where to kill the monsters you need to apply a bit of strategy.

The killing of the monsters will fill a progress bar that just completed will unlock the boss of that level.

If we kill him in the time limit, we will pass the level, otherwise we will remain still at the current level.

The reward in overcoming the level in time is a very rare piece of equipment. In case of interesting sets the player can decide to try to recover other pieces to create the entire equipment of the sets and acquire major bonus

Eternium - Mage and Minions sets


Eternium Mage and Minions – Video review and gameplay

For those who want to get an idea, here you can find a video of gameplay taken from my YouTube channel:


Eternium Mage and Minions – The new abilities

Upgrading to Eternium has added new skills to each class.

Let’s see them in detail.

For the wizard we have Frost Beam and Blink.

The first skill is really very useful, and has different features that make it mandatory in any build.

Freeze monsters, you can remove when you want to decrease the charging time, it allows you to restore faster and does a remarkable hp damage.

Blink, on the other hand, is a nearly useless skill, which allows you to create a hero clone and to teleport to the location indicated by the drawn sign.

Its duration, however, is so low that its use is totally useless, and certain other spells are preferable.

Here is a demonstration video always present on my YouTube channel:

As for the warrior, the new abilities are Deadly Throw and Shockwave:

The first skill launches your secondary weapon or shield. In the first case the weapon causes a bleeding effect, in the second case the damage is increased on the basis of the armor of the shield.

Shockwave instead hits all enemies in a cone from the current position of the hero to the point indicated by the compound sign.

Damage increases at each shot you make on the monster, and the hero retrieves 5% of its maximum hp per enemy hit.

And another video of gameplay of the wizard in which we face the boss Mogroth


Eternium Mage and Minions – Final evaluation

Maybe I’ll be part because I’ve been playing for a while with the wizard and I have to say that this game is passionate about me and reminds me of the times I played with Diablo.

For those like me who have not yet completed the game with the warrior or the magician, the new class of the size hunter is a good news but not fundamental. Instead, the new trial mode is really interesting because it puts you to the test and makes you realize how strong you are.


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