Export of savegames from Bluestacks – Use cheat engine on PC, play on your device

Welcome back friends, today’s article talks about export of savegames from Bluestacks or how to transfer game saves edited with Cheat Engine on your Android device.

This is the last article of the series started a few days ago in order to provide a working method to bring on your Android device obtained through the cheat Cheat Engine on an Android emulator for PC (in our case Bluestacks).

However, the procedure that I am going to illustrate is usable on all emulators, so if you use NOX or MEMU, just to give an example, you can follow this procedure because it is completely identical.

Also you can replace the emulator with another real device and you can take your game saves even on different devices.

Very useful when we are in the presence of games without cloud saves.

Below you can find the video tutorial about it, present on my YouTube channel:


How many of you are reading the article How to Use Cheat Engine on Android Games – No root thought that would be nice to be able to use Cheat engine with the Android emulator for PC but if after changing the game parameters these changes remain on the PC we lose the advantage of being able to play while traveling or in any case on a portable device, relegating the game to a desktop gaming.

The advantage of this technique is to be able to exploit all the potential of Cheat Engine for Android on PC games and then be able to bring these cheat on your portable device.

Today, there is no such powerful app on Android that can be compared to Cheat Engine on desktop.

In addition, those apps that offer some similar functionality, are used only on root permission devices and users often want to avoid to root their device to avoid problems with the warranty.


Export of savegames from Bluestacks – A real example

In order to understand the procedure, there is nothing better than to create a real example.

Let’s imagine that you’ve made changes to the force and other parameters in the Revenant Dogma game, as we did in the article mentioned above.

At this point, we want to bring this rescue to our real Android device so we can play our favorite game using our tablet or smartphone.


First step: saving up and use of Helium

In the article Backup app on Android – How to store the data of your application we have seen how you can back up their data through the use of the app Helium.

WARNING: Compared to what is written in the above article, in this case we are using the Bluestacks emulator, which does not have the option to enable USB debugging.

In this case, you must enable this option by using the ADB for PC drivers also recommended by Helium, find them at this address : Android Driver for PC

After you complete the installation, go to the driver folder and run the command:

  • adb connect localhost:5555


The first step to transfer this rescue to your Android device is to backup it.

In case you decide to buy Helium, the app lets you backup your data directly to the cloud (Dropbox, Google Drive, etc).

The transfer of the save file in this case is very simple, it is enough to have also Helium on Android device, log on to the same cloud account and make the restoration of the rescue from the cloud.

At this point the game is done and you have transferred your rescue to your device.

However, not everyone wants to spend almost 8 euro to use this trick (consider that you must have an installation on Bluestacks and another on your Android device, so the price of the app is multiplied by two).

If you are among them, keep reading to see how you can get the same result without spending a penny.


Use of Free Helium sync with Dropbox

The free version of Helium does not allow you to back up your saves to the cloud, but only on the sd card.

In this case, the problem is how to transfer this rescue to our Android device.

The solution I found is, first of all, to create an account on Dropbox (but you can also use Google Drive) (see the article Cloud storage – Dropbox – User guide),

After you synchronize the Helium backup folder on Blustacks with a folder of your choice on Dropbox using the FolderSync app described in this article Dropsync or FolderSync – Automate the synchronization of files and folders and the same folder must be synchronized with the save folder of Helium of your Android device.

The save folder of Helium usually has a path like /storage/emulated/0/carbon, if not found at this location, look for the carbon folder in your SD or internal memory.

When the folders are synchronized, if you chose to auto-sync, as soon as you back up your rescue using Helium, this will first be copied to Dropbox‘s cloud and automatically will be copied to your device.

All that remains at this point that launch Helium from your device and to restore the sd card.

The game is done, we exported the savegames from Bluestacks to our Android device for free.

Export of savegames from Bluestacks


As I always look forward to your comments on the article.



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2 thoughts on “Export of savegames from Bluestacks – Use cheat engine on PC, play on your device

    Mike Irdmann

    (Sunday November 28th, 2021 - 08:47 AM)

    Hello Andrea,
    thank you very much for sharing this knowledge about file transfers between Android devices, it’s with great interest that I have followed-up your article here because I want to use Bluestacks + Helium installed on it in order to manually transfer my savegame with the route Bluestacks > [copy Helium backup] > [paste into SharedFolder for Windows OS] > replace smartphone .ba file with the bluestack’s file so I can restore it on my unrooted smartphone which is also installed there and where I did make the same Helium backup.
    In order to do all this, I MUST make Helium work in Bluestacks, unfortunately after installing Helium, and granting permissions with SuperSU, Helium eternally searches for a ‘SuperUser’ and will never show its main screen in Bluestacks so I cannot use it. Precisely, what I get when running Helium is the pop-up window “Superuser…Checking Superuser”, this will run eternally so I must kill the process.
    I have done like you say and downloaded+installed the Universal ADB Driver (your command with 5555 local host seems to be unnecessary, ADB is set to default at this port). Even with these drivers installed Helium doesn’t work in my Bluestacks 4. Can I do something to make it work? Thanks very much for a feedback,

    Best regards, migliori saluti da
    Mike Irdmann


      (Monday November 29th, 2021 - 12:09 PM)

      Hello Mike. Thanks for the comments.
      The problem you are highlighting seems to be related to the fact that the SU grant is not working correctly on Helium and for this reason it remains in a sort of loop in search of SU.
      Actually I haven’t used this feature for a long time and there may now be compatibility problems with Bluestacks that weren’t there at the time of writing.
      I can advise you to check if the problem does not occur with a different version of Bluestacks or to use another emulator.

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