Fantasy Myst changes name to Pocket Arena – Pokemon Game Update

Fantasy Myst, the pokemon game for Android, changes skin again and becomes Pocket Arena.

I had reviewed the game some time ago in this article:

Fantasy Myst another Pokemon game for Android/IOS – Video review and Gameplay

Today the game has received a substantial update, and the software house decided to change the brand in Pocket Arena.

In the above article I had already announced that for some time the app was not present in the Google Play Store.

I do not know the reasons for this choice, perhaps for licensing issues or for some other reason.

However, now Fantasy Myst, pardon, Pocket Arena is again downloadable from the Play Store and you can continue your adventure in the game without losing anything.

The only effort to do is to remember which is the server on which you are playing.

Otherwise, you will take a shot as it happened to me since you opened the application after the upgrade and have chosen a different server.

I was brought to the creation screen of the character and I thought I’d lost everything.

Fortunately it was not so and it was just a wrong server choice problem.


Pocket Arena – The news of Pokemon Game Updates

Let’s see which are the new update in Pocket Arena.

The first change relates to the interfaces of the graphic restyling.

Pocket Arena menù restyle

Now the game sections are easier to navigate.

While we had to scroll several pages before we came to the section of our interest.

After the upgrade, however, we find all sections spread across three groups and immediately accessible.

Okay, this is by no means the only one that can be of interest to a clever player, but certainly makes the gaming experience more enjoyable.

The first big real news in Pocket Arena, is the “home” section.

Pocket Arena Home

By accessing the home section, we will be brought into our house that we can develop and improve to get bonuses.

Pocket Arena Home decoration

In addition to decorating our house, we have the chance to give us to gardening and growing of berries that can be used during the fighting to provide additional bonuses.

Pocket Arena Home garden

Always in your own home, we will be able to choose Pokemon to train that will gain experience over time.

From this moment on, we will also be able to equip our horse with objects that enhance its features.

Pocket Arena Mount object

Also if we are in possession of fruit to give, we can use the command “to feed” that will use all the fruits in one go, saving us a lot of time.


Pocket Arena – Conclusions

The update of Fantasy Myst and subsequent Pocket Arena output, in terms of gameplay, brought some good news.

I have to say that the choice of a continuous change of name of the game creates no little confusion and you go to the constant search for the correct download of the game.

Attention, the game has been removed from Playstore again.

To download, please refer to the facebook page that directs you to the best on the evolution of the game.

This is the link to facebook: Official Facebook page in this page you can download both Android and IOS versions.



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