Masha and Bear Youtube video – Doctor – Android and IOS game

Hands up who has a child who likes famous TV series Masha and Bear or just know the board because it’s fun.

Well, in this article I wanted to tell you about the game my daughter plays often and is one of her favorites.

The game in question is called Masha and Bear doctor.


Masha and Bear video YouTube gameplay

Here you can find a video of gameplay on my YouTube channel:

The video shows some initial moments of the game, let him have a look at your children to see if he can interest them.

Masha and Bear – Masha doctor

In this game, Masha has the role of a doctor with the task of treating her animal friends in a veterinary clinic.

The animals will be in the clinic with the most disadvantaged injuries: broken bones, chapped or dirty teeth, too long hair and much more.

The task of our heroine is to treat her little animal friends and put them in perfect shape. Every injury must be treated differently, so it has a good level of longevity.

In addition to the care of animals, there are also some very simple mini games suitable for a very small audience.


Masha and Bear – Masha and her friends

All the characters in the cartoon are present in the game, some immediately available, others will be unlocked more in accumulating the necessary candies.

There are the bear, the wolf, the goat, the pig, the panda, the tiger and so on, which you will discover gradually playing.


Masha doctor – Rating

Masha and Bear Doctor is a recommended app for children.

It’s in English, but it’s not a problem because it’s designed to play even the youngest.

Contrary to what we can think, games for children is better that they are in English so he can give children an opportunity to learn something new compared to what we usually see.

The application is recommended for both kids who love TV series and for all the other kids you want to play a game that will definitely not do it.

Another point in its favor is the possibility of playing it without the use of internet connection, which makes it usable even on tablets with only the necessary wireless installation.

Download game from play store

Download game from ITunes



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