Masha and Bear game for kids – Android – Review and gameplay video

Here we are with another game for our beloved children (but also for their parents) and again with his beloved Masha and her inseparable friend Bear, that is Masha and Bear game for kids.

Let’s start immediately with a Masha and Bear gameplay video that you can find on my YouTube channel:


Masha and Bear game for kids – Mini-Games

In this new app by Indigo Games (the same manufacturer of Doctor Masha seen in our previous article), Masha is struggling with several minigames set in the adventures seen on TV.

The list of mini-games is long and will expand as you pass the levels.

Remember the episode of Masha and the Bear where Masha was struggling with jams?

Well in one of the mini games, Masha will have to be quick and good at cooking them for her bear friend.

Not enough, Masha will have to tidy up Bear’s house (after she has certainly helped to untangle her.

So far it would be a good little house, but there are also amusements at our Masha.

Go boating, take pictures of his animal friends, play ice hockey with the penguin and many others still to be discovered and play for free (there is only to be sipped advertising).


Masha and Bear game for kids – Rating

Again in this case i would like to suggest you the game Masha and Bear game for kids.

Kids will be able to play with all the scenes they only see on TV interacting with their favorite characters.

It must be said that the game is localized in many languages, which increases playability (say that small children do not really care that much, but it is an aid for parents who at least know how to help their children when begin to fly tablet or phones)

The app can be played even without a connection that will not hurt.

The bad thing about it is the use of candies to play mini-games. These are recharged only seeing video advertisements and it is somewhat annoying (as if it were not enough all entered banner during the game).

In any case, if you want a good game for your children, here you can download it from the Google Store:

Download game from play store


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