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Masha e Orso Giochi Educativi - Giochi di attenzione, logica e abilità

Masha and the Bear. Educational Games
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On March 7, 2019
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Masha and the Bear - Educational Games is a game for Android and IOS set in the world of Masha and Bear for children (and others)
There are several mini-games, logic, skills, math, etc.
It 'to be evaluated very positively, does not reach the five stars only because of too invasive advertising.

Masha and the Bear Educational Games – Attention Games

Masha and the Bear Educational Games - alert

The second category of mini games that we find in Masha and the Bear educational games is represented by games of attention.

In this group, all those games that require a glance and a good dose of concentration fall into this group.

Let’s see what are the games that belong to this group.




The first game of the group consists in associating the object to its clipping.

Masha and the Bear Educational Games - find the form

As we find the scraps of the proposed objects, these will be eliminated,

The game ends when all the clippings have been identified.


The next game is based on the same concept.

The cuts will not be present, but the hollows of the objects.

Masha and the Bear Educational Games - Shadows

These first group of games are very oriented to children, adults might find them a bit trivial.

For children, however they are a great tool to recognize shapes, there are far more expensive games to achieve the same result.


Also in this category we find the classic game of find the differences.

Anyone who has bought any puzzle magazine in life will have played at least once.

Masha and the Bear Educational Games - Find the differences

You need to find the differences between the picture on the left and the right.

Excellent pastime for adults too.


Always in the style of hidden object, games in the category of attention of Masha and Bear, we find another very interesting game.

In this case we will not have to find the differences, but find the objects highlighted on the left in the figure on the right.

Masha and the Bear Educational Games - Find items

This group includes two other games, which can be activated in this case after the purchase or viewing of a video.

The first is almost completely identical to the forms of the game, only that in this case it comes to associate the shadow and not the shape.

In the second case we will have to find from time to time, the object that we are asked to find among many others.

In this case, I would advise you not to purchase these additional games, they are a repeat of the other free games.


Masha and the Bear Educational Games – Logic and skill games

Masha and the Bear Educational Games - Logic

In the third category of Masha and the Bear educational games we find some mini games of logic and skill.

Let’s see what are the four main games in this category.





Association of geometric shapes.

The aim of the game is to associate the geometric shapes that will be presented to us gradually, to the respective positions on the carriage on duty.

Especially for younger children, it is ideal for developing a sense of shape.

Masha and the Bear Educational Games - association of geometric shapes


The next game instead is the classic game of skill that we often find even in children’s play rooms (but without hammer).

You will have to hit the rabbit with your finger several times.

The rabbit will naturally hide and you will have to be quick to hit it and especially be careful not to hit the squirrel.

Masha and the Bear Educational Games - Capture

In this sub-game of Masha and the Bear the promptness of reflexes both manual and visual will be stimulated.


How many times on the other social networks are presented some logical puzzles to find out what is the object that you have to enter to complete the sequence?

In this mini game you will have to guess the color of the correct balloon in the sequence.

It may seem simple, but in some cases it can be a great challenge.

Masha And The Bear Educational - sequences of colors


In the last mini game of this category we will have to associate the missing half of the figure with one of those presented on video.

Also in this case the game allows the child to develop the sense of vision.

Masha And The Educational Bear - half missing


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