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Hi guys, today’s game has been officially launched by Square Enix for a few days in Italy and it’s Mobius Final Fantasy.

I have to say that the game has been pleasantly struck, its game-play is very captivating and makes it one of my current favorite games.

Here is the link to the video on my Youtube channel:

Mobius Final Fantasy – Skills and Elements Cards

Mobius Final Fantasy revolves around two concepts, skills cards and management of elements.

They can be equipped up to 4 skill cards, each of them is linked to an element and requires a certain amount of energy of that element in order to be launched.

Energy is accidentally acquired by hitting the enemy with the simple weapon, while the use of a skill decreases the acquired energy of the type of element used.

The ability is effective if it is used the element opposite to the resistance of the enemy (eg fire against ice).

If instead it is the same element , the enemy will resist your abilities and the damage decrease .

In this case, you should not attack the enemy with the ability of the same element, and use the stored energy to launch elemental defenses that will increase our resistance to the element of the type used.

Its duration will depend on the amount of energy present at the time of launch.

The power of the cards will depend on the number of stars, its level, and the seeds that are unlocked.

In Mobius Final Fantasy, the cards can be enhanced by fighting to gain experience to raise their level, or by fusing that, in addition to increasing the card’s experience, allows the use of special rare cards to unlock the seeds and enhance their ability.


Mobius Final Fantasy – The jobs

In Mobius Final Fantasy there are several jobs, three are present from the beginning, others will be available later.

Not all elements can be used simultaneously, and each job has its favorite elements, this increases the variety of gameplay and in some cases forces it to try to use different jobs against strong enemies on an element on which a certain job is weak.

For example, the wizard does not possess the earth element, if they face enemies with an air element, we can use only the elemental defense against the air, and we will not have any bonus in attack.

On the contrary, against Earth-like enemies, we will have the bonus in attack but no defense.

In addition to skills, each job possesses acquiring skills using skillseeds, when all skills are unlocked, you can unlock the next job level.


Mobius Final Fantasy – Purchase in app

Like any other game with in-app purchases, also in Mobius Final Fantasy new skills and much more you can be purchased using the shop.

In particular, all purchases can be made using a substance called magicite.

This loads very slowly with time, or by purchasing it with the use of real money.


Mobius Final Fantasy – Is it worth it?

After trying Mobius Final Fantasy, for a few days I have to say that I found it pleasant and different from the store’s games only.

Maybe for Final Fantasy purists, they will be able to turn up their nose as it differs a lot from the classic theme of the game.

However, I recommend to fans of the genre and fans of Final Fantasy to download and play, you will not regret, in the worst case, uninstall it.

Here is the link to the game: Download game from Play Store


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