The King’s League Odyssey

Game description The King’s League Odyssey

Hi everyone, today’s game I wanted to offer you is another champion that counts thousands of games played and very positive opinions, its name is The King’s League Odyssey and is the sequel to the otherwise famous strategic game The King’s League.

Like its antecedent in this sequel you find yourself back in the shoes of a king who is in charge of recruiting the best fighters to join the royal league.

Compared to its predecessor, the number of classes, missions and events increased to make the game even more varied and enjoyable.

Below are some images of the game:

The King’s League OdysseyThe King’s League Odyssey







The King’s League OdysseyThe King’s League Odyssey

Instructions – The King’s League Odyssey

Follow these brief tips to get the most out of The King’s League Odyssey.

Train your fighters awaiting league clashes to improve their features.

Strength, endurance, intelligence and agility are the four key attributes that you can train.

Choose for each class fighter the right training to better face the fighting.

Earn experience and money by tackling missions and using them to increase the level of combatants and structures.

Challenge your friends by sharing the game with them.

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