Free Music the best apps to listen on Android devices – SoundCloud

Welcome friends, are you looking for apps on Android to listen to free music and completely legal?

Well, in today’s article i’ll talk to you about the best i’ve ever tried, SoundCloud.

There are many apps that promise free music to  you, but among them, there are few who really keep the promise, and in those few cases, or is just music from unknown artists, or advertising is so invasive that makes you take away the desire to open the app.


Free music with SoundCloud the music cloud

SoundCloud, unlike other apps, gives you the opportunity to listen also lot of free music by famous artists.

Free music with SoundCloud search engine

The app has a good search engine that allows you to quickly find titles of interest to us.

You can choose your favorite kind of music, and the application will offer you the best music and the latest news.

Free Music SoundCloud playlist

Save your playlists and listen to them whenever you like or share them with your friends, SoundCloud is also a music social.

You can follow your favorite artists, or why not, be you to be followed by sharing your songs.

SoundCloud social music free

Being a social, its best feature is to put content on content by other users that you may not find anywhere else.

It ‘a good way for emerging artists to become known, and for those already known, is a good advertising medium to stay in touch with their fans.

Music can be heard free of charge in streams either with simple data connection or wireless.

Alternatively you can also pay the monthly fee of a few euros to have them available offline too.

This last case is necessary if you do not have a data line that works anywhere.


Here is the link to download the application:

Download of SoundCloud


Free Music – SoundCloud – conclusions

SoundCloud is a free application for the music that is spreading very quickly.

His gifts I have already extensively analyzed, just add that i personally have been a good operation of the application and the social structure that surrounds it.

In reality, the app is born after the SoundCloud portal.

This portal has become in a short time a real editorial tool that allows both famous singers who do not publish their work.

In short if you are looking for something that allows you to listen to free music legally or want a social dedicated to music that is not a simple facebook page where you share songs, i strongly recommend this app.



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