How to enable USB debugging on Android devices

Often you have to deal with applications that require USB debug activation, but what does it mean?

USB debugging is a particular connection between Android and PC that enables access to the phone from usb with advanced level permissions to allow system actions that otherwise could not be accomplished, such as debugging, on applications by developers or the execution of programs that unlock root permissions.

Since this is an option that opens up any security issues and is a feature that the average user does not need to use, it is not easy to reach and activate, you need to know how to enable it based on your Android device version.


How to enable USB debugging on Android devices

The USB debug option is activated as follows:

Android 4.0 or lower

Up to version 4.0 of Android, debug mode is activated by simply selecting the option from the menu specifically for developers.

In particular, the steps to follow are:

  • Go to the phone settings
  • Click on “Developer Options”
  • Activate the “Debug USB” entry

Android 4.2, 4.3 and 4.4 Kitkat and 5.0 Lollipop

Starting from this version to enable USB debug mode, you must unlock the developer mode that is hidden to prevent anyone from getting their hands on options that could cause problems to the system itself.

To enable developer mode in these systems, you need to go to “device info” and press 7 consecutive times on the build number.

Once this is done, the developer options including the “Debug USB” entry will be displayed and you can activate it.

debug USB

Be careful to USB debugging mode

Developer options are direct functionality to those with specific industry skills, so it’s highly recommended not to modify them without knowing what you are doing.

Moreover, by activating the USB debugging mode, it allows access via USB to your device from which you can also download the content present in it.

On the one hand this is positive because you are able to recover your data even if for one reason or another you can not see the screen of your device.

However, it exposes you to any security problems as your personal data would be in danger in case of theft.

For more information please check the Documentation Google Android

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