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Score! Hero
Review of: Score! Hero
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Football game that runs from the classic game of action or management.
Very funny and engaging.
Oriented to pay to play, or the alternative is frustration and waiting hours

Welcome back to everyone, today’s article is the review of the football game for Android/IOS Score! Hero.

For a few days i’ve been playing with Score! Hero, and finding it interesting and different from the usual soccer games like managerial simulations or arcade, i’ve decided to write this review so you give an idea of the gameplay of this game.

Below is a video of gameplay on my YouTube channel:

You can download Score! Hero from the following links:

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Score! Hero – The career of a young talented player

Often in these days is always more present the new career mode, we have already seen for example Fifa17.

Also in Score! Hero, the game revolves around the life of a young talented footballer who has to show up for a career and try to get into the best of the world’s and national teams.

This game mode brings together two different game types, namely football games and role-playing games.

Personally I find the combination between the two types very positive and it is interesting to try their hand in the role of a young player who tries to break into the world of football.


Score! Hero – How to play

Score! Hero provides a linear story and missions.

Score! Hero missions

Every game/mission we have to try to achieve the goals set to earn the stars needed to access the next season.


Score! Hero stars

During the match we will have to try to build actions to bring our team to the goal.

By dragging your finger on the screen we can direct the ball to the other players on our team or make the shot.

Of course, opponents will not stand certainly to look and try to recover the ball stealing our players.

Score! Hero action

If this happens we have two chances, or let the timer run until it’s exhausted, losing a mark of energy and returning to the start whistle of the current game.

Or we may decide to use the money to go back to the last action and try again with another choice. However, money is the classic subject of pay for play, and you gain or seeing movies or with real money.

As we will advance in the game, the challenges will be increasingly difficult (or so they say, because I have not seen this real increase of difficulty).

The player will be bought by increasingly strong teams and your goals will change from the simple rescue to winning the championship, cup and why not, even the world by nations.


Score! Hero – Player Look – Long or Short Hair?

Like every good title you respect, the player’s appearance can be customized in every part.

Score! Hero looks like a player

In Score! Hero we can customize the hairstyle, shoe color, beard or goatee and to finish you can also choose your preferred mesh number. Again, if you are in a hurry you will have to use the money, or else wait for the numbers to unlock with the progress of the game, maybe even unlock your favorite number.

Catania’s friends will notice that my player is wearing the Catania shirt.



As mentioned in the introduction, Score! Hero is a really captivating RPG mixed football game.

Every game you face will spur you into playing another and another, only energy and money will stop you.

This latter choice from the developers is the only imperfection in the game, as it is quite frustrating to start over the game again if you do not want to use the money and if we just want to overlook this choice, we have to wait a long time to recharge the energy is even more annoying.


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