IBM Watson – L’intelligenza artificiale a servizio della medicina

Today’s article is about one of the best super-computers ever, IBM Watson.

How many of you think or have to do with people who think technology is useless and is it better when it did not exist?

Well i occasionally hear me say, but now when i will be that this sentence will have to argue that using another string to my bow.

Okay, apart from the introduction that maybe will not bother many, with this article i wanted to let you know about a major step forward in artificial intelligence.


Artificial intelligence and IBM Watson

A 66-year-old woman, Ayaco Yamashita, was diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia in January 2015, but the standard care provided did not help.

After some unsuccessful treatment attempts, the doctors tried to query the IBM Watson system by entering all of the data at their disposal, which in just ten minutes, by consulting its records, it was able to determine that the lady was suffering from another form of even more rare leukemia.

IBM Watson, the super-computer with artificial intelligence, in just ten minutes managed to solve a clinical problem that doctors did not find a solution and even he suggested therapy which apparently is also apt because the patient has seen signs of improvement.


IBM Watson – Jeopardy Winner

For those who do not know IBM Watson has been made famous in the past as a Jeopardy winner,  however, what I just said we understand that technology is not only the game but can help us in all fields.

In the medical field the speed of these systems can be very helpful to help us get accurate diagnosis and in a short time, where in many cases there is little time.


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