Cheat Engine with Ankora – life and energy points – NOX Video Tutorial

Today i will show you how to use Cheat Engine with Ankora, which i added a few days ago to the list of the best free offline games for Android:

The best free offline games for Android – Gameplay

If you’ve followed my suggestion, and you are playing, you might be struck by the usual immortality mania or simply want to make it easier to play.

In this article i will show you how to increase the life and energy at your disposal on Ankora.

I say that both life and energy points are recovering without too much trouble in the game, just sleep and eat and we will have no problem.

Maybe feeding can be a bit difficult only in the early stages of the game.

However, with the continuation of the game, we will have no difficulty finding food to put under the teeth.

Anyway if you are reading this article, or you are here for the cheat on Ankora (and I’m wasting time).

Or you are lost and by the very least you are reading the crap i write (in this case i invite you to visit the blog, it does not suck so much).

Meanwhile, i suggest you the full video of the tutorial, maybe you prefer to follow a video rather than reading the article.



Cheat Engine with Ankora – Tools Needed

There are several articles on the blog showing Cheat Engine running with Android.

If you’ve read my other articles in the past, you can also skip this paragraph and continue with the next one.

Otherwise, you must have the tools you need to apply the Cheat.

In particular you will need:

Today’s tutorial as it says will let you know how to use Cheat Engine on NOX, but you can also use the Cheat Engine application directly on your device if this is rooted, or use another emulator like Bluestacks.

Articles that will show you the steps necessary to configure both of the previous application are:

More articles about them can be found in the Cheats section of the blog.


Cheat Engine with Ankora – Endless Energy

The first cheat on Ankora, which we are going to see, allows us to have infinite energy to carry out every kind of action.

As a first step, you will have to start NOX and start the game Ankora.

Then start the Cheat Engine and go back to the game.

To start cheat research, we need to find the value of the energy to be used for the search.

So, let’s go in the statistics section of our character.

Cheat Engine with Ankora Energy Initial

The value we have to consider is 250.

Resume Cheat Engine, click on the Process List (1) and select the NoxVMHandle.exe (2) entry.

Cheat Engine with Ankora Open NOX Process

Enter the value previously found in the search input field (1) and start the first step by clicking on the “First Scan” button (2).

Cheat Engine with Ankora First energy value

It is very likely that we will get different addresses.

It will then be necessary to continue research.

Do any action to lose some energy.

Repeat the procedure just below, using the new value, be careful not to use the “New Scan” button, but the next button “Next Scan”, otherwise you have to restart the procedure from the beginning.

In many cases we will get a single address, otherwise we will have to refine the search by retaking the step you just saw.


However, after some research cycle, we get the address that interested us.

We are therefore ready to change its value.


We bring the energy value to the maximum, which in our example case coincides with 260 (1) and proceed (2).

Cheat Engine with Ankora changes energy value

To verify that the energy really is increased, you will have to make an in-game action, otherwise it will not be updated.

For example, if you do an action that costs 10 points, you will now find yourself with 250 of the remaining energy.

Great, you’ve got the cheat to change your energy.


Cheat Engine with Ankora – Immortality and life points

Energy is very important on Ankora, but even more are life points.

The procedure for getting immortality is quite similar to the one you just saw.

Let’s summarize it briefly to show you how it works.

We identify the value to use for the search.

Ankora Cheat Engine First Value life points

In this case we have 378.

This time it is not necessary to select the NOX process, simply click on “New Scan” button to start a new search.

Enter the value in the input field (1) and start it (2).

Ankora Cheat Engine Launches life points search

As in the case of energy, we need to ensure that the energy is changed into play.

You can fight some monster or maybe just walk in case you have some active state effect (hunger, cold etc).

In any case, after changing your energy, find the new value.

Use this value in the search field and continue searching with the “Next Step” button.

As usual, if we were lucky and found a single address, we can go on, else we will have to reduce the number of addresses by repeating what has been done.

Add the address to the list, click on it, and modify the value to the maximum available life points.

To verify the success of the cheat, make sure you modify your life at stake and if all went well, you will see the values of life points changed as required unless the action you have accomplished.

For instance, if you have lost 14 points after bringing to 420 the value, you will see the points that are equal to 406.


Cheat Engine with Ankora- My opinion

I often urge you not to exaggerate with the Cheats to avoid losing the good of the game.

Also on Ankora my advice is always the same.

If you increase too much the statistics of your character in a game where these are fundamental, instead of increasing the longevity, you end after a while to bore.

From my point of view, the cheat is born as something that pushes the player to move on in a game where he start beginning to have too many difficulties, or rather to replay it in god mode to have the pleasure of doing actions that playing in normal mode he could not do.

There are not few the games, in fact, that offer the possibility of using cheats inside the game, for this very reason.

The tutorial that i have just shown you, is one of the instances where if you are activated the cheat, you will not lose anything of the game and you can normally enjoy the game without any loss.


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