Marvel Android Games Avengers – The list of Marvel games for Android

Hello to all, those who are lover of Marvel films like me, this year will certainly went to see Captain America – Civil War.

Beyond my opinions on the movie (a good movie but that leaves a little bitter taste), with the film’s release many games for Marvel Mobile devices they have been updated to support the interest in the film.

Let’s learn more in this list of Marvel Android Games.


Marvel Android Games – Future Fight

This rpg action brings together all the heroes from the Marvel universe, where the fate of our future is at stake.

You can create your own team with Hulk, Captain America, Spider Man and many more.

Your heroes will gain experience by fighting and unlocking the different levels of power will gain new powers.

The game is completely localized in several languages beyond English.

Here you can find my video of gameplay that you can find on my YouTube channel:

To download the game from the Google PlayStore:

Download MARVEL Future Fight


Marvel Android Games – Avengers Alliance 2

Avengers Alliance 2, is a strategic turn-based game you’ll have to create you your own team of superheroes and face the Baron Strucker and many other super criminals to save the Earth from galactic collisions called raids.

Each hero belongs to a certain class and possesses his or her abilities to best exploit against his enemies.

Each class, as is often the case, is strong against another class and weak against another.

Forming the best team to tackle the next mission is the key to victory.

LATEST NEWS: The game will close its doors on 30 September 2016. There is little time for play.

UPDATE: Game removed from the Play Store


Marvel Android Games – Puzzle Quest

For those who are not lovers of role-playing games or turn-based systems, MARVEL also offers Puzzle Quest, the classic puzzle game set in the world of superheroes.

You have to form your superhero team, and match the cards to unleash the powers that will serve to win the game.

For a short video of gameplay:

Download MARVEL Puzzle Quest


Marvel Android Games – Contest of Champions

How could the fight game be missing from the list?

In Contest of Champions you will be your team of super heroes and bad guys who will face memorable clashes that will lead them to overcome increasingly difficult missions with the ultimate goal of defeating Kang and Thanos superfatters.

Qui un video tratto dal mio canale YouTube:

Download Marvel Contest of Champions


Marvel Android Games – Avengers Academy

To close the list of games, Marvel also provides a beautiful city building (like Township or Simcity to say), called Avengers Academy.

Build the most beautiful Academy of superheroes that have ever existed creating, stadiums, dormitories and many other facilities and dressed in the clothes of your favorite superheroes that students develop their own powers.

The heroes carrying out their missions will earn experience and money that will allow the Academy to grow giving the opportunity to build new buildings.

The constructed buildings allow unlocking new actions for heroes.

To see how I have faced the game, check out this video:

UPDATE: Game removed from the Play Store


If you have other Marvel games to propose, comment here on the blog or on one of my social pages.

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