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Cheat Engine tutorial - Ricerca Unknown initial value

The next search mode for this tutorial on Cheat Engine is the search for unknown initial value.

Cheat Engine – Unknown initial value – What’s it about?

Suppose you have a game where there is an energy bar that you would like to avoid blocking your premature death.

If there is any numeric value that helps you identify the value you are looking for, there is no problem and you could use the first type of search.

What happens, however, if there is no way to understand what is the value indicated by that energy bar?

In this case, you will have to seek alternative routes to find the value of that bar and the first of these has its own research “Unknown initial value.”

The use of this research, of course, is not limited to this case.

It might even be impossible to determine with certainty what we are looking for, an integer, decimal, or even a string of values that have nothing to do with what you see onscreen.

However, in both cases, the only thing we know, is whether that value is decreasing, increasing or remaining constant.


Cheat Engine Tutorial – Unknown initial value – How to use it

Let’s take the Cheat Engine tutorial at step 3.

We could get there by completing the tutorial request or by skip to the previous step.

Either way, we will have a screen like:

Cheat Engine Tutorial Tutorial step 3 Unknown initial value

and Cheat Engine ready to be used.

We choose the “Unknown initial value” search method on Cheat Engine.

Cheat Engine Tutorial Tutorial selection Unknown initial value

And we start the first search by clicking the “First scan” button.

As a first result we will have a multitude of possible addresses, but this is normal, because we have not been able to say to Cheat Engine that has the searched value.

And this is where the difficulty of this search system begins, that is, the great number of attempts to find the address that contains our value.

Cheat Engine Tutorial Step 3 Unknown Initial Value Search

We press the “Hit me” button (1) on the tutorial, we will see that the bar decreases (2).

We continue the search with the “decreased value” from the lookup combo.

Cheat Engine Tutorial Step 3 Unknown Initial Value Search

and clicking on the “Next Scan” button.

It will result in a much lower number of possible addresses, since we have eliminated from our list all equal to and higher.

We repeat the operation until we have found only a few addresses to be tested.

Always pay attention to the tutorial bar level and keep in mind whether the value is rising by decreasing or staying constant.

If you make the mistake of choosing the operation contrary to the actual, definitely you lose the progress made up to that point and you have to start over again.

Continuing, as said, after some hit and research, you will find few addresses to be tested to find where the hidden value is hidden.

Reading the suggestions provided by the tutorial, you will notice that is given a fundamental indication, namely that the searched value is between 0 and 500.

In this case, it is advisable to change the format of the address values and set their representation to only 2 bytes.

In this way it is much easier to find the value that is between 0 and 500, since it is only present one.

Change the address value found, inserting 500 and have completed the step 3 of the tutorial.

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